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A little help from my friends!!

By - Last updated: Friday, May 20, 2016

Good morning!!   I am working on a very special (and for me fun and exciting!!) new “Babes” project and I need a little help from my friends!!   I am interested in hearing from women working on Bay Street (broadly defined) today about their work experiences. I am curious to know in what ways the “Bay Street” experience has changed over the years and how it has stayed the same, from the perspective of women who are working there today. Does their experience today reflect my experience and the experiences of the “Babes on Bay Street” or is it different? If so, how so?   If you would be prepared to talk to me, I would be very appreciative!! You can reach me by sending ...

Interview with John Smith

By - Last updated: Friday, June 14, 2013

Today's post is the final of three excerpts from my interview with "John Smith." John is a hugely successful participant in the Canadian securities industry and I thought his perspective on a variety of issues would be interesting to consider!! I was thrilled he agreed to be interviewed. I hope you enjoy reading what he has to say and as usual your comments are most welcome!!   I asked John whether he saw himself as a mentor and if so, how these mentoring relationships had developed and whether he had mentored women.   He says: “Yes, I do see myself as a mentor.  Yes, I’ve mentored women.  But my advice to anyone is the same.  You have to do it on your own.  You ...

It’s Official!!

By - Last updated: Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Babes on Bay Street - the book is available for purchase!! I am so happy and dare I say proud!! Check it out!! And let me know what you think!! xo, J  

Robin. Relationships, Role Models, Mentors, Leaders and Leadership

By - Last updated: Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I asked Robin to tell me about the relationships in her life which she believes had the greatest impact on her and in particular her work life and career. She said: “That’s a loaded question but obviously my parents had a great impact. My dad was a great sales person but he was what my mum would refer to as a diamond in the rough.  He was not highly educated but he managed to make it on his incredible personality, charm, and salesmanship which is something they tell me I inherited a little bit of. My mum was prim and proper and had rules and regulations for the household. She was stern but warm and loving and wonderful. She instilled ...