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It’s Official!!

By - Last updated: Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Babes on Bay Street - the book is available for purchase!! I am so happy and dare I say proud!! Check it out!! And let me know what you think!! xo, J  

Letter to My Daughter

By - Last updated: Friday, March 23, 2012

I’m a wife, mother, family member, friend, writer and career woman. I am blessed to have a daughter and son and son-in-law. When Janet Graham and I first met, we conceived the idea of writing a series of letters to my daughter that would distill some of the lessons I’ve learned juggling career and family. While these letters are addressed to Lesley, they are also sent with love to Brian and Greg.   March 21, 2012   Dear Lesley,   When Betty Friedan wrote her seminal work, The Feminine Mystique, women of my generation and a bit older responded to her message like soldiers to a bugle call. My copy (the 1974 edition) is a bit faded at the edges and in places the spine is ...

What Next? The Complete Guide To Taking Control of Your Working Life

By - Last updated: Friday, February 10, 2012

This book was originally written by Barbara Moses, PhD in 2003 and was updated in 2009. When it was first published it was heralded as “the ultimate career and life resource for Canadians.”   It is organized in a way which encourages the reader to discover themselves, determine which type of work is right for them, develop strategies for finding this work, overcome career challenges and ensure career success via a variety of techniques and tools all of which are set out in detail. It is intended for people in all stages of their career whether they are starting out, looking for work, facing career challenges, changing direction, moving upward or searching for meaning. The  approach taken by the author offers the reader, in ...

Ending the year on a positive note!!

By - Last updated: Thursday, December 22, 2011

For some time now, I have been observing a trend in what I read in the newspapers and other reports which implies things are moving in a positive direction for the women of the world. And it seems to be happening to women in every part of the world and in a huge variety of undertakings. This positive direction doesn’t mean women everywhere are living in the way we might like them to be, in terms of their daily life experience, far from it. It simply means in the words of Buffalo Springfield “Something’s happening here!” Something which gives me hope!! I thought sharing some of these hopeful glimmers with you would be a perfect way to say we have ...