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Babes on Boards

By - Last updated: Monday, December 3, 2012

There has been much written about the issue of women on boards or to put it more bluntly the lack of progress in terms of increasing the numbers of women on boards. In case you missed Board Games, the Globe's 11th Annual Corporate Governance Rankings in last Monday's (November 26) paper, I have included several links below for your ease of reference, together with some brief introductory comments.   The first link is to a column by Janet McFarland titled Women's Work with the subtitle: "From formal legal quotas to the power of moral suasion, companies grapple with a governance issue that has proven nettlesome -- and for qualified women, frustrating. Diversity champions say there is more at stake than ...

New girls in the old boys’ club

By - Last updated: Thursday, November 29, 2012

Great column in the Globe today from Margaret Wente - "From Redford to Marois, new girls in the old boys' club."   You can find it by following this link:     Thanks to my husband Dan Nixon for making certain I read it. I would love to hear your comments on it!!


By - Last updated: Monday, October 29, 2012

I really liked Leah Eichler's Women@Work column in Saturday's Globe "Forget the binder, let's just have a quota."   It is thoughtful and well researched (as all of Leah's columns are) and it is worth reading the entire article, just to get to the quote from Charlotte Sweeney, a diversity consultant in the second last paragraph and Leah's conclusion in the final paragraph. You can find it by following this link:   This link will take you to Leah Eichler's weekly newsletter Femme-O-Nomics!! I am a subscriber and I find something in it almost every week which interests or educates or inspires me, so I highly recommend it!!   I will come clean and tell you I like pretty much everything Leah Eichler writes and produces ...

“Surprising Developments in the Gender Gap”

By - Last updated: Monday, October 22, 2012

Just in case you missed this piece by Sherry Cooper, it is well worth reading!!   Another piece worth reading "The speech every women should hear" was written by Frida Ghitis a world affairs columnist for The Miami Herald and World Politics Review.  She is a former CNN producer and correspondent and the author of "The End of Revolution: A Changing World in the Age of Live Television." Her piece is thought-provoking and includes a video of the speech  by Prime Minister Julia Gillard on the floor of the Australian House of Representative  which is definitely worth watching if you haven't seen it already. You can find the article by following this link   I would love to hear what you think! You ...