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Annie. Role Models, Mentors and Heroes, Leaders and Leadership

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Role Models, Mentors and Heroes I asked Annie whether she had role models, mentors or heroes and she said she didn't have any female role models or mentors because there weren't any.  She said there were certainly men who filled these roles.  She said these were the men who although quite successful continued to be kind and generous with their time and supportive of her and not just because she was a woman but because they were just decent human beings who had become successful. She says for her that was the role model that she was looking to become, a ...

Annie. Early Life Experiences, Career Milestones and Road Blocks and Relationships

By - Last updated: Friday, August 21, 2009

Early Life Experiences I asked Annie to tell me about the experiences in her early life which she believes had the greatest impact on her work life and career. She said the experience which had the greatest impact on her was the fact that her father was quite domineering and very abusive, more particularly to her sister, brother and mother, less so to her but abusive nonetheless, and as a consequence her mother left him when Annie was quite young. She said they moved back and forth to England and eventually came back to Canada and settled in Western Canada but as a result of her circumstances her mother was very poor. Annie says her mother lived on welfare and she ...

How do I submit a question to Babes on Bay Street?

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Freddie. Relationships, Mentors, Role Models and Secrets of Success

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I asked Freddie to tell me about the relationships in her life which she believes had the greatest impact on her and in particular her work life and career. She said from a relationship perspective, she would say mostly good relationships have driven her throughout her life. From the perspective of good relationships, she said one of the people who had the most important impact on her was her stepfather. Her mum remarried a man 25 years her senior when Freddie was 17 years old. He had already brought up five kids of his own (who were fully grown with their own families) and when he married her mum, he took in four kids, two of whom were snarly teenagers ...