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How to deal with the old boys’ club Bay Street work environment?

By - Last updated: Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"In a typical "old [white] boys' club" Bay St. work environment, what advice do you have for young, visible-minority women who want to be upwardly-mobile but who are always excluded from informally socializing with these men? Being a visible minority, in addition to being a young woman in this situation, does add additional challenges I am sure. But I do see this as being somewhat the same as if you were a young upwardly mobile white woman. I suggest always being personable and pleasant in the workplace ( yes gritting one's teeth from time to time is a useful exercise!).That way the men may view you more as someone they may wish to include in their informal gatherings. If there ...


By - Last updated: Thursday, June 23, 2011

The subtitle of Dish which was written by Barbara Moses is Midlife Women Tell the Truth about Work, Relationships and the Rest of Life.   Moses says the book is populated by many voices. Over the years immediately prior to her writing the book, she received close to a thousand stories from women, including those who responded to an email survey she did, in connection with an article she wrote about why women should fight to express their authentic selves at work. She married these thousand voices to those of thirty women, in their late-thirties to mid-fifties, whom she calls life mentors, insightful, thoughtful, interesting women who she personally selected to be part of the group. And she changed all of their ...

Advice:How To Climb The Ladder

By - Last updated: Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This is another piece of advice from the series "Advice:How to Climb the Ladder" which was written by Janet McFarland as part of the October 2010 series by the Globe and Mail which comprised a number of articles about Women in Power. The component written by Ms McFarland comprised advice from a number of senior Canadian women which I thought was excellent.   The following is from Elyse Allan, President and CEO General Electric Canada   "What I have always done is make sure that every interaction I have with people is one I can go back to, and I guess by virtue of that you build a network."   I would love you to share your thoughts and comments in the Comments section below!!  

Mary Susanne. The Story of My Career. My Own Business

By - Last updated: Friday, June 10, 2011

Mary Susanne continued: "My license from the OSC was to be effective on January 15, 1986, so I was leaving MICC after Christmas 1985 and starting my business in January 1986. I thought my first client was going to be the pension fund at MICC, however, just before Christmas, in fact as I was leaving for Christmas holidays, the secretary to the CEO at MICC came to see me.  She was so upset.  She said I just have to tell you this before I type the letter. The letter said that they would not give me the pension fund to manage. They were going to manage it themselves which they managed to make a mess of, but that's neither here ...