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Taking YES for an answer

By - Last updated: Tuesday, December 10, 2013

An article in the December issue of CAmagazine by Mary Teresa Bitti reminded me of the importance of being a skilled negotiator in both the workplace and life, in general. In brief, it offers a few key dos and don'ts   1. Do broaden your view of negotiating and what it can do for your career   2. Don't view neogtiating as a win/lose situation   3. Do find a sponsor, someone in a senior position who will advocate for you   4. Don't assume if you work hard and do a good job your effort will be rewarded   5. Do get comfortable asking for what you want   6. Don't take the first offer and don't accept the first No   7. Do take some risk   8. Don't overnegotiate   9. Do be clear on ...

Workplace 101

By - Last updated: Friday, October 19, 2012

In the October issue of CAmagazine, there is a great article Workplace 101 written by Lisa van de Geyn. The tag line says: "So, you've landed your first accounting gig. Want to impress your colleagues, manager and partners? Follow this advice from CAs who have been there."   I thought the artilce was well worth reading.  It offers ten tips to navigate a first job successfully. The ten tips are:   1. Find a good fit. 2. Sponge smarts off the seniors. 3. Respect office culture. 4. Find a mentor. 5. Embrace your errors. 6. Be passionate. 7. Put in your hours...and then some. 8. Remember the other two Rs. (Reading and writing.) 9. Work it outside the office. 10. Ask questions.   I think the entire article is worth reading for those just starting ...