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Erica. Relationships

By - Last updated: Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I asked Erica to tell me about the relationships in her life which she believes had the greatest impact on her and in particular on her work life and career. Erica believes relationships in general have a big influence on the careers of women (and she thinks that it's probably the same case for men!) Boyfriends and What They Teach Us Her first example of a relationship which impacted her was one with a boyfriend she had in university. When Erica first went to university, she dated a lot of guys but didn't like the pressure of always going out with different people, so she settled into a relationship with a fellow who had a very domineering personality and because she was just ...

Erica. The Early Years

By - Last updated: Friday, March 20, 2009

Erica was born in 1957, in Ottawa (which makes her 52 today). Her mother is Danish and immigrated to Canada from England. Her father is a Canadian whose family has been in Canada for generations. Early InfluencesShe was the first grandchild on her mother's side of the family. And she was a big deal! She was absolutely listened to and doted on completely by her English grandparents from the day she was born. They thought everything she said was incredibly cute and interesting. In her words: "They found me very amusing!!!" She believes their adoration had a big influence on her.   She thinks the fact that her parents had three kids in rapid succession was another big influence on her. She was ...