Colleen. Accomplishments, Success and Significance

posted December 18th, 2009 by Janet Graham

I asked Colleen what she felt were her proudest accomplishments at work. She said: “I think building a brand in Canada at E*TRADE with the team.  It’s very satisfying; the trip was fun, and you can look at the brand and get great satisfaction out of it in hindsight.  I didn’t do it, the team did it, but I got the chance to be in a leadership position and that was really fun. When I think about other proud moments career-wise, I think running the Children’s Miracle was great.  I think being part of the task force to modernize securities in Canada was great.  St. Mary’s gave me an honorary doctorate degree and it was a proud moment for my kids, and a completely unexpected pleasure.  I’m being honoured with the Canadian Marketing Hall of Legends award in January 2010 and I am completely flattered by that.  I think sometimes …

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Book recommendations for young women for knowledge of business trends or for career advice

posted December 16th, 2009 by Dr.Nancy McInerney-Lacombe

“What books would you recommend that young women read either for knowledge of business trends or for career advice? ”


I am mostly a non-fiction person.  In the financial sector, my two most recent must reads are Too Big to Fail by  Andrew Sorkin and The Snowball.Warren Buffet and the Business of Life by Alice Schroeder. The former is an incredible read and would be a great gift for anyone who works or has worked on Bay Street and the latter is a fabulous read about Warren Buffett. If you work in risk management or the regulatory side of the financial business read all the books you can about the worst financial disasters e.g. Enron. This would include books like Smartest Guys in the Room and The Collapse of Barings. For career advice everyone should read Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting by Lynn Grabhorn.  


At the moment, I am reading a …

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A Whole New Mind – Meaning

posted December 15th, 2009 by Janet Graham

I promised to share some of the collection of tools, exercises and further reading materials which Dan Pink provided in his book A Whole New Mind to send us on our way to developing each of the six essential aptitudes — what he calls the six senses on which professional and personal satisfaction increasingly will depend. One of the six senses is Meaning and Pink outlined a number of tools, exercises and reading materials which one might pursue to develop this sense. The following selection resonated with me.


Say Thanks

The Gratitude Visit. Think of a person in your life who has been kind or generous to you but whom you’ve never properly thanked. Write a detailed “gratitude letter” to that person, explaining in concrete terms why you are grateful. Then visit the person and read the letter aloud.


Take a Sabbath


Select one day a week and remove yourself from the maw. Stop …

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Colleen. Doing Things Differently, Working Mothers, Male and Female Career Experience

posted December 14th, 2009 by Janet Graham

Doing Things Differently


I asked Colleen when she considered her career in its entirety, what she would do differently, if anything. She says, if she could have she probably would have left E*TRADE a little earlier.  She says she had a great experience but after E*TRADE Canada was sold and the business was integrated, she stayed on and ran a U.S. business. Although she thought it was a great business experience, it was too far away from Canada. She says: “I live here. My travel was very hard on my kids, it was hard on me, and it was hard on my husband. It took me a long time to ask myself what I was trying to achieve?  I’d already had the investment banking fairy tale come true. I’d sold a company for money. Organizationally, I was three or four down in a very tall stack.  What was I doing that …

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