Inspired and Inspiring – Cecily Milne and The Yoga Element

posted January 15th, 2016 by Janet Graham

I fell in love with yoga because of Cecily Milne….she is a gifted teacher!!

In her January 2016 newsletter, she shared a blog post she had written “Lessons from 2015” which she agreed I could share with you. I hope you enjoy it and understand why I see her as a gifted teacher in so many ways!! Enjoy!!

Lessons from 2015

Every January I like to look back on the people and events that made the greatest impact on my life during the previous year— especially the teachers who shed light on everything I couldn’t see before. The past twelve months have been incredibly transformative, so having a record of what brought me to where I am now will not only be beneficial to me but hopefully you as well.

First, I’m going to rewind back to November 2014. A series of events in my personal life revealed a damaging, cyclical pattern that was impacting both …

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Inspired and Inspiring – Valerie Pringle and Ryerson Lifeline Syria

posted January 13th, 2016 by Janet Graham

We received an email from Valerie Pringle this week and she has agreed I can share it with you.


Subject: Ryerson Lifeline Syria Update

Happy New Year indeed!

I wanted to give you the good news that the money you donated to our fund at Ryerson Lifeline Syria has been put to good use.

The Al Hasan family arrived this weekend in Toronto.  They have moved into a 3-bedroom apartment at Hurontario and Burnamthorpe where there is a Syrian community.  They can walk to Square One, schools and the ESL centre.

The Al Hasans ( Batal, Turkie and their four children; 20 year old Fusie, 17 year old Ali, 14 year old Rainia and 9 year old Nasimi) are from Aleppo but had to leave there and have been living in Jordan for the past 3 years.

The staff at Ryerson have been amazing.  I have a very strong core team of volunteers working with me …

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Inspired and Inspiring – David Bowie

posted January 11th, 2016 by Janet Graham

David Bowie – the very definition of “Inspired and Inspiring!!”

You can follow this link to listen to Heroes…..over and over again…..and be inspired!!

His new album Blackstar dropped on Friday, January 8….his 69th birthday….which I found incredibly inspiring before listening to one track.

Thank you, Mr Bowie!! May you rest in peace!!

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Inspired and Inspiring – Emma Watson

posted January 8th, 2016 by Janet Graham

“It’s much easier to play it safe. To be polite and to do as is expected. But to take a chance, to piss some people off, to stand up and speak your mind – regardless of the consequences – that is the definition of bravery and the sign of a true artist. Emma (Watson) planted her flag firmly in new and trepidatious ground and refused to be defined by anything but her own heart, instinct and voice, and reminded us all that with every moment comes an incredible opportunity. It’s just up to us to do something meaningful with it.” Jared Leto, actor and HeForShe activist

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