Best advice to someone laid off by a major bank after 29 years?

posted June 6th, 2016 by Dr.Nancy McInerney-Lacombe

Many of the Babes have faced the daunting challenge of reinventing themselves so you are not alone. Whether as the result of a forced exit or not, the process is daunting because the shroud of title and corporation no longer define and protect you. Now, you need to define or may I say redefine yourself outside of your comfort zone and in my opinion, the best way to start to ease the fear of how you fit or where you fit in this new chapter – is to get moving and more importantly stay out of your head…shake off the doubts that you can’t do this – because you can and you must. Some have used joining a board as a re-entry mechanism.  For profit or not for profit, it doesn’t matter. It gets you re-engaged…you need to re-engage. Others have gone back to school or volunteered with the myriad …

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Best advice to someone laid off by a major bank after 29 years of service?

posted June 3rd, 2016 by Grace Cleary-Yu

Take the opportunity to think “differently”. For example explore your passion you haven’t had the chance to.


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Forty and Other F-words: Mid-Life Musings on the Relevance of Feminism

posted June 1st, 2016 by Janet Graham

The approach of some personal mile-markers has prompted me to think about feminism, equality, law and social change. And, I am more convinced than ever, as I approach my 40th birthday, that feminism remains relevant, both for me and for the younger woman lawyers coming up behind me.


I’m approaching some milestones this year.  My 40th birthday is approaching at the end of the summer, and my fifteen year law school reunion is coming then too, both of which signal that I’m no longer a “young lawyer”, by any stretch of the imagination. I’m now leaving behind unequivocally the status of being part of the “new generation” of lawyers, with gratitude, and without hesitation. And, at the same time, my children are on the cusp of entering their teens.


I graduated from university at 20, and I started law school, grad school, and practice young. I spent over a decade as the …

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Why We Need More Women in Capital Markets

posted May 26th, 2016 by Janet Graham

The following post was written by Warren Thomson Sr EVP & CIO, Manulife and Chairman, Manulife Asset Management and posted by him on linkedin in response to my request for “A little help from my friends!!” I am grateful to Warren for taking the time to respond and for agreeing to share his linkedin post but most of all I am honoured to call him a friend!!

As you may have heard, a certain financial industry dinosaur that you all know, still working away on the street, was recently recognized as a Champion of Change by Women in Capital Markets at their annual Gala Dinner in March of this year.

While this honour was greatly appreciated, I have to admit that despite my best efforts, the female to male ratio in our industry and in my sphere of influence has not moved as much as I …

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