What is a duffleflucker? Nobody warned me; men can’t multi-task!

posted March 8th, 2008 by Janet Graham

I coined this term last Christmas. I felt like I was running around doing 8 million things every day and my husband (who has one person on his list for whom to shop) let me know he didn’t care for Christmas; it was so stressful!! So many things to do, so many people to keep happy, so many gifts to buy (and no idea what to buy!) And I lost it!! I told him he might start by paying attention to what people seem to like and buying it for them. I promised they would be blown away by the thoughtfulness, whether the gift was perfect or not. But I digress! And I really blew it when I asked him to run a couple of errands for me. His eyes went blank, his faced drained of colour and he was distressed to think I would pressure him at a stressful …


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