Canadian Bar Association Women Lawyers Forum Newsletter — May 2013


Babes on Bay Street – A book worth reading

Extraordinary Women TV Interview — April 2013


Janet Graham Profile Page

Study: Rich Thinking by Barbara Stewart — March 2013


How smart women are investing/spending their resources in 2013
— section 2.10, page 23.

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CheckMark Magazine Interview — Winter/Spring 2013


From the pages of the official magazine of the Chartered Accountants of Ontario (CA)

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CheckMark Interview

Live Drive with John Tory Interview — October 2012


Part 1:

Part 2:

Globe & Mail — How the ‘babes’ of Bay Street celebrate their success — August 2012


How the ‘babes’ of Bay Street celebrate their success

Book Endorsments


“Janet has written about inspiring, insightful, and highly accomplished women who succeeded despite the obstacles and sometimes against the odds. Women will learn from and value these stories, but so will men.”Mike Pedersen, Group Head Wealth Management, Insurance & Corporate Shared Services,TD Bank Group

“The stories of these incredible Bay Street women will provide inspiration to men and women alike. Janet has the uncanny ability to bring warmth, grace, understanding and humour to the process, unearthing a treasure for all to share.”Patti Croft, Former Chief Economist, RBC Global Asset Management

“I have had the good fortune to work with Janet. She is a savvy, dedicated, no-nonsense professional. Janet now brings to her audience advice and keen observations garnered from many years of experience. This is an easy read for both men and women to digest and apply. It will serve them well early in their careers and beyond. Congratulations Janet!”W. Iain Scott, Dean of Law, University of Western Ontario and Immediate Past Chair & CEO McCarthy Tetrault LLP