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Letter to My Daughter

By - Last updated: Friday, July 20, 2012

I’m a wife, mother, family member, friend, writer and career woman. I am blessed to have a daughter and son and son-in-law. When Janet Graham and I first met, we conceived the idea of writing a series of letters to my daughter that would distill some of the lessons I’ve learned juggling career and family. While these letters are addressed to Lesley, they are also sent with love to Brian and Greg. July 3, 2012 Dear Lesley, It has been a long time since I wrote one of these letters but as we both know, life has a habit of getting chaotic from time to time. Today I’ve found some peace and quiet, an ideal combination, and I thought you might be interested ...

Congratulations!! Susan Crocker, Doctor of Laws honoris causa

By - Last updated: Friday, July 6, 2012

At this time of year, we hear about  the convocation addresses to the graduating classes of various universities which are remarkable for one reason or another. In May of this year, I heard a remarkable address to the graduating class of St. Francis Xavier University by my dear friend Susan Crocker. Susan was giving this address because the university had conferred upon her a Doctor of Laws honoris causa. I was inspired to see someone I admire for a whole host of reasons be recognized by a respected institution who also admired her for a whole host of reasons.   Susan has made a significant contribution to the university, in particular, The Coady International Institute. Her address to the graduating class in ...

How do I differentiate myself?

By - Last updated: Monday, June 11, 2012

A young woman I am mentoring has a summer internship with one of the major securities firms. She asked me: "How do I differentiate myself?" I turned the question over to the Babes.   "I have a short answer and a long answer.   The short answer is to work smarter and harder than anyone else. People will notice.   The long answer clarifies my short answer. What do I mean by working smarter? Well, to begin with “new ideas, new ideas, new ideas." As a summer intern you bring a fresh look to both old and new problems. You are not mired in the traditional corporate speak….you are not hindered by “this is the way we have always done it." New ideas will differentiate you ...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

By - Last updated: Friday, October 7, 2011

I have debated with myself whether to post the link to this You Tube, something about it not being my place or purpose and I decided I would simply go ahead because I do believe it is the perfect way to say Happy Thanksgiving!!   I hope you enjoy it and find it as moving and inspiring as I did!!   And I hope you find yourself surrounded by family and friends and lots of love and gratitude on this beautiful weekend!! Happy Thanksgiving!!   xo,   J