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Ask Yourself

By - Last updated: Monday, September 27, 2010

How will you use your gifts? What choices will you make? These are the questions of the week. I have lifted them directly from a commencement address delivered by Jeff Bezos to the Class of 2010 at Princeton University.  The entire address is worth reading.  You can find it at   I would love you to share your answers to the questions in the Comments section below or in the Forums in the Ask Yourself section. I will include my answer in the Forums. Check it out!!!

Terminated: Why the Women of Wall Street Are Disappearing

By - Last updated: Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A friend sent me the link below from which makes for an interesting read; in my opinion it's both sad and rather disheartening!! Check it out for yourself! Terminated: Why the Women of Wall Street Are Disappearing After the scandals of the 1990s, didn't investment banks put sexist employment practices behind them? Evidently not. Anita Raghavan What 's your opinion? What's happening in your institution? industry? What is your experience? Please share your comments.