Grace Cleary-Yu

Grace Cleary-Yu's Bio

Originally from Hangzhou China, Grace currently works at PIMCO’s Toronto office focusing on institutional consultant relations. Previously, she worked at Fidelity Investments Canada in the area of product management for both retail and institutional business. She began her finance career at Halifax Regional Municipality Pension Plan assisting the CEO managing their investment managers. Grace, mother of baby Rose, is an advocate for women to lead. She believes that women can have it all with supports both at work and at home, just like men. She is a member of the New York committee for PIMCO’s Women’s Leadership Network. Outside of work, Grace enjoys conference planning and adding value for other CFA members, as she does in her current role as Vice Chair of the CFA Toronto Portfolio Management Committee. Her personal hobbies include time with family, travel, and other areas such as image consulting and teaching Mandarin.