I conceived of the idea of writing a book about the wonderful women I met during the course of my career on Bay Street after leaving my position with one of the Bay Street financial institutions in early 1996. I wanted to tell the stories of the phenomenal women I had met because I admired them so greatly. I had a vast network of women in my life and when I left my job, the first thing I thought of doing was telling their stories.


In the early 80s, when I started working on Bay Street, we had few role models and were not always welcome in our jobs and our institutions and despite this, we had succeeded and prospered and grown and led the way and I was so very proud of us and I wanted to inform the world. I wanted to tell our stories.


Over time, I came to believe the instinct I had to tell our stories was based on a solid foundation because I believe stories have the power to engage, move and transform us, to inspire our creativity and courage, to offer wisdom and strength in fact, I believe that a story well told has the power to change lives, the lives of the story teller and the one who “hears” the story. People see possibilities in the stories of others. They find validation, inspiration and hope. They find meaning in their own situations and a common bond.


In the spring of Spring 2009, I finally interviewed my first “Babe on Bay Street” and it was everything I hoped it would be!!


I have used this blog to record this first interview and others I have conducted. I plan to do the same with the ones I conduct in the future. My hope is that these stories will inspire others, as they have inspired me. And I hope this blog will be one way of providing role models and mentors for all of the women in our lives (and men, if they care to participate). In essence, I intend it to become a digital “role model and mentor” which we can all rely on.


Also, I hope this blog will be a place where we can tell our stories, share our reality, ask questions and offer one another our experience and wisdom.


I would love you to contribute by offering your comments on the posts, submitting questions to “Ask a Babe”, participating in the Forums which will include Ask Yourself, Amuse Yourself, and a Resources sections and utilizing “The Talent Agency.”


In particular, I encourage other long standing members of the female Bay Street “sorority” to become regular commentators and participants. And I encourage everyone to be provocative and have a point of view, grounded in what you know and stand by it.


My Philosophy

I believe women lack role models and mentors.

I believe women are excluded from informal networks.

I believe women face gender stereotypes that men don’t face.

I believe women benefit from having role models and mentors.

I believe women learn from telling their stories and sharing their reality with one another.

I believe women thrive with a network of support.


A Network of Wisdom, Courage and Inspiration


I hope this blog provides a network of wisdom, courage and inspiration for women who work on Bay Street and elsewhere in terms of their careers and their work, family and personal lives. In simple terms, I want it to offer a network of support for women of all ages and stages in their careers, a place where everyone can thrive.


Janet Graham, Founder of Babes on Bay Street

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