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posted April 12th, 2019 by Janet Graham - Leave a Comment

Apologies for my long absence and no promises for the future but I am back in the saddle this morning….in more ways than one….I just spent 45 minutes riding a bike at Soul Cycle.

Spinning!! I tried it for the first time in the summer of 2017 with two incredibly fit friends….I was scared and I loved it!! I am still a little scared before every class….afraid I will throw up during class or worse have a heart attack and be carried out on a stretcher!! I am not kidding, every class about 2/3 of the way through….there it is….a mild urge to throw up!!

I am without fail, one of the oldest people in the class….by at least 20/30 years, although sometimes someone close to my age shows up and I flaunt my expertise when they do….and sometimes when a young person shows up….a newbie…..I do the same!! What can I say…..I am not always nice!!

And to be honest, although I am getting better I have never completely gotten the hang of spinning, despite having completed almost 100 Soul Cycle classes (and another 100+ classes elsewhere when I am out of town!!)

I tell myself this is in part because I don’t recognize any of the music we ride to…..either the performers or the songs which makes it incredibly difficult to catch the beat, especially at high speed!! However, I like that they play it loud and they encourage screaming and I am a great screamer!!

I guess when it comes right down to it…..I love the energy. Most instructors are incredibly inspiring and motivational and not in a judgmental way!! The time on the bike is mine to do with as I will…and I find it energizing and inspiring and sometimes, I get great ideas…..if only I can remember them until I get home!!

Classes are expensive but I think of them as being no more than the cost of a bottle of wine which we serve almost every day with dinner or just for sport!! And let’s face it…..I am worth it!!

My goal is to one day, ride the bike positioned front and centre in the room and when I do…..whatever happens I will hold my head high…..and hope I don’t throw up or have a heart attack!!

I was inspired to write this post in class today and I hope it inspires you to get back in the saddle somewhere in your life and even better if it’s to do something a little scary….the best things usually are!!

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