QBest advice to someone laid off by a major bank after 29 years?

answered June 21st, 2016 by Phoebe Wright

This is a fabulous question, and one that so many of us grapple with.


Feeling like a zero after a long, successful career is understandable. The corporate world has its own culture, value system, and reward system. While in the corporation your ego is supported.  Once you leave … you lose more than a pay cheque, you can feel like you are banished and isolated. Our questioner knows this, now she is ready to be picked up and that’s where the fun can begin. Bravo that she’s reaching out!



– Let go.  Let go of the corporate value system, of what others expect of you, of the fear of the unknown. It may help to think of the transition like a trip or a project.  What clothes do you need? What activities do you want to do? What is your budget?


-Explore new interests: art, opera, woodworking, jewelry making, the options are endless. When traveling forgo the plush hotel room, bed and breakfasts or staying with people in their homes can give you ideas, and change your perspective.


-Put down new roots. Engage in self reflection, journalling, yoga, mindfulness, therapy. Nothing like coffee and long walks with friends to help you get your bearings.


-Relax and have fun with it.  There are no goals or timeline here. After a while you will look back on this time of change and growth as immensely rewarding.


Hope this helps!


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