QBest advice to someone laid off by a major bank after 29 years?

answered June 8th, 2016 by Linda Hohol

Trust me, this is not about you……in other words don’t take it personally, although I know it is hard not to! It happened to you yes, but it is not a reflection of your talent and capability. The banks are notorious for downsizing, rightsizing, re-organizing etc.  This time your number was called. I think it says something positive  about you that you remained untouched by change and restructuring  for 29 years. That is quite an achievement!


One rule I always followed was to never let my title or position define who I was and what I believed about myself and my capabilities. Your job is not your life. Of course it is a big part of it and when it is gone it feels at first like there is a big hole to fill. And you will fill that hole. Take the time you have been given (consider it a gift actually) and reflect carefully on how you want to use that time going forward. What have you always wanted to do but never had the time to? What is your true passion?


And if you continue to feel low and demoralized, don’t hesitate to speak with a counsellor. A professional can help you think this through, depersonalize what has happened, and help you move on.


Good luck.


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