QBest advice to someone laid off by a major bank after 29 years?

answered June 6th, 2016 by Dr.Nancy McInerney-Lacombe

Many of the Babes have faced the daunting challenge of reinventing themselves so you are not alone. Whether as the result of a forced exit or not, the process is daunting because the shroud of title and corporation no longer define and protect you. Now, you need to define or may I say redefine yourself outside of your comfort zone and in my opinion, the best way to start to ease the fear of how you fit or where you fit in this new chapter – is to get moving and more importantly stay out of your head…shake off the doubts that you can’t do this – because you can and you must. Some have used joining a board as a re-entry mechanism.¬† For profit or not for profit, it doesn’t matter. It gets you re-engaged…you need to re-engage. Others have gone back to school or volunteered with the myriad of wonderful organizations out there. Be strategic. Think through your new brand. Is it devoted to your corporate expertise or something totally different? Now’s your chance to break out. If it’s education, then great, focus on education or whatever but focus. Have your activities complement¬† each other. Start building a network in that field. You have to create the network, you have to build your brand. Tackle this like everything else you have tackled in your 29 year career only moreso. There are many of us that are happy to help. Reach out.


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