A little help from my friends!!

posted May 20th, 2016 by Janet Graham - Leave a Comment

Good morning!!


I am working on a very special (and for me fun and exciting!!) new “Babes” project and I need a little help from my friends!!


I am interested in hearing from women working on Bay Street (broadly defined) today about their work experiences. I am curious to know in what ways the “Bay Street” experience has changed over the years and how it has stayed the same, from the perspective of women who are working there today. Does their experience today reflect my experience and the experiences of the “Babes on Bay Street” or is it different? If so, how so?


If you would be prepared to talk to me, I would be very appreciative!! You can reach me by sending an email to babe@babesonbaystreet.com


In the meantime, here’s to a fantastic Canadian “May 24!!”


Thank you!!




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