QWho and what are inspiring you? How has this changed over your life and career?

answered October 6th, 2014 by Dr.Nancy McInerney-Lacombe

Current day – I am inspired by fairly average people accomplishing above average feats with specific emphasis on improving our world. Terry Fox is our “go to” example in Canada. I never tire of reading or hearing his story and marvel every time I do. Martin Luther King is another example. I am currently reading Hilary Rodham Clinton’s book entitled Hard Choices – a fabulous book by a fabulous woman. Yet, it is the story she tells of Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma suffering years of house arrest and abuse that inspires me. Her commitment to democracy for the Burmese people was unwavering and she held her ground at huge personal risk and against all odds. Nelson Mandela is, of course, another wonderful example. I have to ask myself – is it bravery that inspires me or altruism? I think it is both. To step out of the crowd at significant personal risk for the benefit of your fellow man based on a strong belief or principle, should make me feel very small but it does the opposite. It makes me feel full of wonder and gratitude that I share their world.


I have to be honest, in my power career years, my heroes were firstly men, tough, self-centered, with above average smarts and off the charts moxie. I liked role models with guts! Secretly, I would say to myself – I can do that. I can do that job.


So in comparison, I think I am much smarter today about my heroes and what inspires me.




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