QWho and what are inspiring you? How has this changed over your life and career?

answered September 15th, 2014 by Grace Cleary-Yu

Planning to go outside of China to broaden my perspective – that’s what inspired me early on when I was living in China especially in my university years. Practicing English as my second language and perfecting it, taking English exams while my friends were having fun like normal university students, applying for dozens of Canadian universities but being rejected by all – these were all rich experiences different from most of the Chinese my age. Although I started working in the industry later than my peers, every failure or success contributed to what and where I am at today.


My daughter Rose – being a great role model to Rose every minute is my biggest inspiration today. If I can, I would love to do anything to shape Rose’s future to be a meaningful and happy one.


Helping others less fortunate or simply those who need help – I am a big fan of “accumulating good karma”, borrowing the Indian term for this traditional Chinese value. Sometimes the “good karma” doesn’t necessarily benefit yourself but your family members. I volunteer wherever I can, I donate to different non-profit organizations, I help connect people between jobs.


My friend Wendy – I know Wendy for close to 6 years now since I was her client. She is such a sweet person aside from being very successful and nurturing. I call her my Chief Personal Adviser. I always look up to her.


Well the last inspiration is my guilty pleasure, little luxury goods – yes I have to say they make me work a bit harder than I would have!


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