Top 10 Tips to Success

posted September 8th, 2014 by Janet Graham - Leave a Comment

Colleen Campbell is a Vice-Chair of BMO Capital Markets and so much more!! The following are her “Top 10 Tips to Success” which she recently shared at a BMO event and has graciously agreed to share with us. Here goes:

  1. Give more than you take.
  2. Be excellent.
  3. Build genuine relationships/don’t just be a networker.
  4. Do the right thing.
  5. Listen to and try to understand the perspective of others.
  6. Time is your most limited resource – outsource where possible.
  7. Don’t try to do it all – delegate as you move up.
  8. Invest in great friendships and take time along the way to do the things you love.
  9. Work out.
  10. Pick the right partner!



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