QHow valuable was your MBA in determining your career path and helping you get where you wanted to go?

answered November 6th, 2013 by Phoebe Wright

Like Nancy, my MBA opened a world of interesting, challenging and lucrative career options for me.  I graduated from Schulich (York) in 1983.  I had little experience in business, and prior to my MBA no business education. My first job was a short term contract with the Ontario Government, which led me to a project manager position in banking and launched my career. My MBA did not lead to an automatic executive position, but it opened the doors to great opportunities.


Would I recommend it today?  The MBA is not the best path for many people at the start of their career. The opportunities today are different, and the expectations on graduating from an expensive MBA program are very high on both the employer and employee side. My view is that getting experience and developing a strong network should be the key focus for people entering the workforce. The job itself and the pay is not that important in the early stages of a career. For arts grads like me, I recommend taking business courses through Continuing Education Programs. Then, after a few years, think about doing an MBA, or not, depending on where you find yourself!



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