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I met Michelle Shemilt a couple of years ago when she invited me to speak at a Women in Capital Markets event. As these things happen, we have kept in touch ever since and for most of this time Michelle has been on a journey, in terms of her work life and career.


Michelle submitted the story of her journey to in the hopes it would be posted. (If you haven’t already checked out this wonderful site and all of its various components including the Lean In Stories, I encourage you to do so!!) This is what she wrote; I find it inspiring and I hope you do too!!


“My first career out of university was as an equity sales trader at the biggest bank in Canada.  At first the job was fun, exciting and I was learning a tonne about world news, the markets, and economics.  I loved it and wouldn’t give back that experience and what I learned.  But after about two years I started to lean back.  I was uninspired, disengaged and my job had become a grind.  18 months ago I decided to lean back IN and reconnect with myself, my creative instincts, and most importantly actively create a life and career that inspired me and I am passionate about.


When I first left the bank I started modeling again (yes at 28!), not because that was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life but because I felt it would allow me to travel, live in different cities and explore the fashion world which has always been a passion of mine.  After a year of modeling and living in London and New York, I still hadn’t found my next career and I almost leaned back into finance and started interviewing at Hedge Funds.


It was during these interviews that I finally listened to my instincts (which were screaming at each interview that I was making the wrong decision!), and started to pursue an idea I had about creating a women’s undershirt line to prevent perspiration stains, preserve women’s clothing, lower dry cleaning bills, and most important give woman an extra layer of confidence to go through their day!  I spent months researching and writing a provisional patent, incorporating my company, working with a manufacturer and pattern maker in New York to develop the design and prototypes and have been excited, inspired, fulfilled and happy each step of the way!


I am now using one of the revolutionary crowdfunding platforms, Indiegogo, to raise funds for my first order and am extremely excited about the possibilities that these platforms offer to the everyday person like me who has an idea and the motivation and drive to make it a reality!  My new company, Nudy Patooty (, fills me with inspiration, excitement and confidence and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to take a risk and LEAN IN!”


This week I received the  email below from Michelle which I thought I would share with you because I want to support her and I hope you do too!! I rarely make this type of request but sometimes I find a story worthy of making an exception because the ask is small and the lesson is big!! This is one of those times.


“Hi Janet!!  Just wanted to keep you in the loop – I went LIVE on Indiegogo this morning!  And have already raised almost $2,000!  🙂


Here is the email that I have sent out to friends and family (most of them personalized which is getting a great response!)!


Chat soon!  xx


Just wanted to send a quick to note to say that Nudy Patooty is now LIVE on Indiegogo!!  If you have a minute, I’d love for you to check out the campaign and help spread the word!!


Nudy Patooty is an undergarment line that I designed which prevents embarrassing perspiration stains, preserves designer clothes and reduces dry cleaning costs.


If you’d like to purchase one (or two), please take this opportunity to pre-order them now through the Indiegogo campaign page I now have 30 days to raise my goal of $35,000!


These first few days are critical, as they can determine if my project ends up on Indiegogo’s home page, which would drive even more traffic to my campaign!

Please help spread the word by forwarding this email to any ladies who may be interested in this brand new product!


You can also find Nudy Patooty on twitter @NudyPatooty and facebook!



If you are not familiar with, it is a crowd-funding website where people can essentially pre-order products or receive “perks” for helping fund start-up companies.  In the case of my business, my Indiegogo campaign will allow you (or anyone) to pre-purchase one (or several!) of my undershirts at a discounted rate.


Thank you so very, very much for your support.


All the best,




Good Luck, Michelle!!



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