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Many months ago when I was getting close to publishing my book Babes on Bay Street, a good friend suggested I could expect to be invited to speak about it when it was published and I might want to consider hiring a speaking coach to help me in this area. In fact, she suggested I meet with the speaking coach her husband had engaged and found to be quite wonderful, so I made the connection with Elizabeth Hunt of Hunt Communication. (http://www.huntcommunication.com/)


And she agreed to work with me!!


Elizabeth really focused on the content of my presentation “Lessons Learned by the Babes on Bay Street.”  In fact, some of the most magical parts of it came from Elizabeth!! She believes when the subject matter is something you are passionate about and your content is well developed, your delivery will require substantially less work!!


If you have seen my presentation and liked it; I say hats off to Elizabeth Hunt!!


If you have seen my presentation and thought it needed work; I say the flaws are my own!!


And if you have not seen my presentation; I say “What’s Your Problem?!?”


If you find the thought of speaking publicly in front of some or all of your colleagues and friends (or complete and utter stangers)  the least bit scary, I highly recommend you get in touch with Elizabeth and her team!! There are others out there who claim to do the same thing; there aren’t very many who are the REAL DEAL!!


This is a Babes on Bay Street ENDORSEMENT!!  I know what Elizabeth can do and I am proud to endorse her in a real way!! This is NOT anything like a LinkedIn Endorsement or a Google Ad….this is an honest to goodness whole-hearted Janet Graham endorsement delivered proudly and with deep gratitude!!


Thank you Elizabeth Hunt!!



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