Who are you MEANT to be?

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My friend Anne Dranitsaris and her daughter Heather Dranitsaris-Hilliard have written a book “Who are you MEANT to be?” which is based on the Striving Styles Assessment tool and system which they also developed.


I love having this resource available to me.  I find the tool and the system remarkable in terms of its ability to effectively assess the way my “brain” operates. However, the truly wonderful part of their work is they take their assessment tool to the next level by describing the way each “Striving Style” operates so I can understand what makes me tick, my relationship style, how I satisfy my needs, when I am in a self-protective mode or a self-actualizing mode, what activates my self-protective system, my blind spots and how I might upshift to my self-actualizing system and achieve my full potential.


And I am telling you this because…

1. I am very proud of Anne and Heather for creating this system and the tools to support it and for having the moxy to write a book about it and make the entire system available on the internet.

2. I believe the system and tools are incredibly effective.

They have allowed me to see myself and my behaviour in a new way, one which provides me with an assessment AND explains what to do with the information in terms of changing my behaviour.

They have allowed me to see my closest relationships in a different light and to understand and appreciate the behaviours of my nearest and dearest and how I might most effectively respond to and live with them.

They have allowed me to see all of my professional relationships in a helpful way and to understand and appreciate the behaviours of my business colleagues and associates and to understand how I might most effectively work with and respond to them.

This understanding is truly helpful as is having the mechanism and tools for interpreting a situation and my emotional reaction to it.


To be perfectly honest, I haven’t completed all of the work recommended in the final chapters of the book but I intend to do so. In any case,  I would highly recommend you check out the book and the web site. You can do so by following this link



Anne and Heather are giving a breakfast seminar at Verity on Wednesday, March 6.  If you live in Toronto and are interested in attending, you can sign up by following this link;



And if you do decide to join them, I will see you there!!





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