The Feminine Mystique…It’s 50 Years Old!!!

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The Feminine Mystique written by Betty Friedan in 1963 is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary this year.  The New York Times Magazine in its January 27, 2013 issue included an article by Gail Collins which was excerpted from the introduction to the 50th anniversary edition of the book.  Collins reminds us: “…if you want to understand the journey of American women, from Doris Day to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you will have to start with this book.”

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In a round table discussion in Saturday’s Globe (February 2, 2013) “Have Women Solved ‘The Problem With No Name?’ The Feminine Mystique At 50”, three female columnists at the Globe look back at the revelations of The Feminine Mystique and how their lives compare today.

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Both pieces provide interesting perspectives on the book and the issues it raised then and now and are worth reading and sharing with the young women in your life. I encourage you to do both!!


Kathleen Wynne’s election last weekend as leader of the Ontario Liberals provoked a number of articles. Several caught my eye. One by Kim Campbell, former prime minister of Canada, argues for a commitment to gender parity in public life.

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Another by Margaret Wente “You go, girls! Your time has come”  is very optimistic about what the election of Ms. Wynne and so many other female political leaders means to us!

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Leah Eichler in her column in Saturday’s Globe (February 2, 2013) argues several unrelated events took place this past week, including Kathleen Wynne’s victory,  which produced a shift in how we perceive women in leadership roles.

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An article written by Kathryn Blaze Carlson in Saturday’s National Post (February 2, 2013) “The Gender Gap – Do today’s women really need legislative help to climb the corporate ladder?” begins and ends with the following two paragraphs:


“To Senator Linda Frum’s mind, it is time for her older colleague, Celine Hervieux-Payette, to lay down her arms. The key feminist battles have already been settled in women’s favour, Ms. Frum argues, and it is the passage of time – not legislation – that will cement the victory.”


“Things were easier for me [than for Ms. Hervieux-Payette] and the opportunities were greater, and now for my daughters the doors are wide, wide open,” said Ms. Frum. “Why am I going to put laws in place that create quotas for women, as if they haven’t already burst through all the doors?”


Despite the fact the column opens and closes with these words which represent in essence one female senator disparaging her  female senate colleague to make her own case, (Shame on you Senator Frum!!),  both of whom are the beneficiaries of an appointment system based on political patronage which our own prime minister (and I) believe to be totally unfair, it is worthy of reading.

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‘Generation gap’: Have women's gains made push for gender equity legislation outdated?


I found all of these articles interesting and the variety of perspectives worthy of consideration. I fear I am not as optimistic about where we are at as others AND this is simply another perspective!! Regardless, these pieces are worth the time you will spend reading them!! They offer a variety of perspectives; many of which are merit your consideration!!


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