An Inspiring Story – Lyndsey Vanstone, Producer of The Live Drive with John Tory – Part 2

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In the fall of 2012, I appeared on The Live Drive with John Tory to talk about my book Babes on Bay Street. All of the arrangements for my appearance were made by a woman named Lyndsey Vanstone (the producer of The Live Drive with John Tory program) who I found impressive from my very first interaction with her on the telephone.


Over the course of several interactions and at the studio the day of the show, I was so completely impressed with Lyndsey that I  asked whether she would be willing to be interviewed for my blog. She said she would love to do it and I thought she would be the perfect candidate to be my first video interview subject and she agreed.


I am thrilled to present the second three segments of our interview which have been posted on a new BabesOnBayStreet channel on YouTube. I hope you find Lyndsey and her story as inspiring as I did!!



I have to say thank you to Lyndsey’s colleague Andrew Dunlop and my blog specialist Dave Doyle without whom these technological miracles would not have been wrought!!


And a huge hug to those of you who provided all of the wonderful feedback on the first three segments of my interview with Lyndsey. You have no idea how much I appreciate it!!


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