QDo you support mandatory quotas to ensure public corporations appoint women to their boards of directors?

answered December 11th, 2012 by Patti Croft

I am really torn on this issue. I am not a fan of quotas but firmly believe the best person should be hired for a position, regardless of gender or race. But I am also very tired of hearing about the lack of progress that Canada is making in appointing more women to public corporate boards. We study the issue, make reports and recommendations and now a federal task force, but nothing changes. I find it astounding when I hear the argument that there are not enough capable, qualified women to fill the role –there are legions of women out there to fill these positions but perhaps the biggest factor holding them back is their lack of a requisite network. Countries such as Norway, Iceland, France, Belgium and the EU have quotas for women on public corporate boards. Increasingly I am beginning to think that this is what might be required to drive change in Canada as well.


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