Why do corporate boards still lean so heavily toward men?

posted April 18th, 2012 by Janet Graham - One Comment

I have received a number of emails in response to the question “Why do corporate boards still lean so heavily toward men?” and to the posts written by Patti Croft,  Linda Hohol, Vincenza Sera and Dr. Nancy McInerney-Lacombe answering the question.


I have decided to post some of these email responses with the permission of their writers. In all cases, I will do so without identifying the writer.


This is the first message I received and it was sent to me when I announced by email I would be asking each of the “Babes” this question.


I would love to hear your comments on this post.  Please share them in the Comments section below.


“After many years on Bay Street, my response to this question  may seem somewhat jaded but flows from my past & current observations and experience.
People don’t surrender power unless they’re forced to and unless the protagonists can be mobilized to expend energy and time on the issues to influence change.  Men run business, and at various times in history, if forced by regulation which is driven by politics, business concedes a stronger hand to women.  But as soon as the pressure subsides, the men hold hands and close ranks to block women from any substantial roles.
We have diversity laws and stats to show more women in the workplace but beyond jr management roles there are few of them.
On their part, it seems to me that young women in their 20’s and 30’s have:  1. seen the frustration of their mother’s, aunts and friends and don’t choose to pursue the same rejection  2.  been denied the benefit of a knowledge of the history of the 60’s due to the failure of their education and so are completely oblivious to the victories and momentum that was achieved and in need of continuous support  3. succumb to playing the ‘sexy’ card to win attention from their male bosses which is disguised as a real shot at moving up the corporate ladder  4. decided that meeting & marrying a successful man is an easier road to getting the material security & comfort that they want even though this success may have a short shelf life.
I know there are exceptions but, in general, despite the multitudes of women that are spewing out of our business and professional schools, they’re still measured with a tougher yardstick and excluded from the inside track, wisdom & camaraderie that their male peers enjoy and use as clear & direct stepping stones to success in big business.
When stilletos, bare legs, cleavage, perfume, eye lashes and flattery dominate, I think the die is cast for women’s future in the business world.”
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One Response to “Why do corporate boards still lean so heavily toward men?”

Comment from Mary Tod
Time April 18, 2012 at 1:46 pm

Wow … I’m sending this one off to my daughter! So discouraging.

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