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Several articles and announcements in the press recently have inspired me and I thought I would share them with you, just in case you had missed them or hadn’t found the time to read them.


The first was published in the ROB magazine on March 29. It tells the story of the wonderful Jane Rowe.  In their words: “The mystery woman behind the blockbuster MLSE deal.  Jane Rowe has mastered Bay Street on her own terms.”  Jane is a fabulous success and a fantastic role model and I wanted to be certain to share this wonderful piece with you. Congratulations, Jane!! You can find the article at this link


The next two stories were in  the Globe this past Saturday, April 7. The first tells the story of Dawn Farrell the woman who is “running TransAlta Corp.” Those words have such a nice ring to them. The ones which caught my eye were those in the headline “Candour in a power-hungry world.” I found her candour very compelling, including her suggestion that she is not “the world’s best leader.” I cannot imagine many men in the same position making these kinds of admissions and in some cases even thinking such things about themselves. Congratulations, Ms.  Farrell!!You can find the story by following this link


The second story is about Andrea St. Bernard, a lawyer with McMillan LLP, who will be competing at the 2012 Olympics in London in tae kwon do for her native Grenada. It is an inspiring tale!! I was impressed by the story of Ms. St Bernard’s courage and determination and the support provided her firm. Congratulations, Ms. St. Bernard and congratulations to your  firm McMillan!! You can find the story by following this link


Finally, I must include the story of Henrik Lundquist, the goalie for the New York Rangers. The title of this article from the New York Times on Sunday, April 8 says it all: “Driven to Excel.” My beloved (who hates it when I use this term of endearment!!) is a hockey fanatic and a devoted and long time Toronto Maple Leafs fan!! I find myself reading more and more about hockey these days, both in an attempt to be a supportive spouse and because of my growing interest in the game.  You can find this truly inspiring story of “King Henry” by following this link (The online version of the story has a different title than the paper version of the story, however, the story you will find by following this link is the same one.)


Finally, I will offer Congratulations to  both TD Bank Group and their newest female director Colleen Goggins.  I saw the announcement of her appointment in on Friday, March 30. I tweeted about it when I saw the announcement, however, I wanted to share the news here and acknowledge both TD’s leadership and Ms. Goggin’s achievement!!


I hope you find the time to read some or all of these stories. I would love to hear what you think of them!! Please share your thoughts in the Comments section below.


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