QWhy do corporate boards still lean so heavily towards men?

answered April 2nd, 2012 by Linda Hohol

My response to the question based on what I have seen is as follows. Most men don’t proactively think about, or focus on this issue. So they typically just reach out to other men they know or know of, when looking to recruit new board members. The chair of the board or the governance committee (ideally both) need to be strong and vocal champions for board diversity. They need to ensure they have a matrix of skills outlining what is required to create the best possible board for the company.  Then they need to find the most qualified candidates. And in doing so, they must insist that the search surfaces talented men AND women that have the necessary skills and experiences. In the absence of strong champion(s) at the board table, progress will not be made. The men will simply follow the process they have always used, outlined above.


Editor’s Note: This question was forwarded to each of the Babes.  I wanted their perspective on a recent column by Leah Eichler in the Globe and Mail which was about breaking the gender barrier in the boardroom. In her column, Leah posed and answered the same question. “So why do corporate boards still lean so heavily toward men?” You can read Leah’s column by following this link http://m.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/careers/career-advice/leah-eichler/breaking-the-boardroom-gender-barrier/article2364839/?service=mobile

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