What Next? The Complete Guide To Taking Control of Your Working Life

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This book was originally written by Barbara Moses, PhD in 2003 and was updated in 2009. When it was first published it was heralded as “the ultimate career and life resource for Canadians.”


It is organized in a way which encourages the reader to discover themselves, determine which type of work is right for them, develop strategies for finding this work, overcome career challenges and ensure career success via a variety of techniques and tools all of which are set out in detail. It is intended for people in all stages of their career whether they are starting out, looking for work, facing career challenges, changing direction, moving upward or searching for meaning. The  approach taken by the author offers the reader, in effect, their own career counselor and coach, combining in-depth comprehensive self-assessment tools and career advice.


This book represents a comprehensive offering for individuals versus the products and services Moses provides privately to her corporate clients via her consulting work, various workshops and on-line tools. It includes advice and counsel with respect to each section and specific situations and circumstances which may be relevant to readers who find themselves in these particular circumstances and situations. However, it offers specific “technical” assistance for particular circumstances, for example, writing resumes and letters, preparing for interviews and negotiating offers.  It is some ways it is like a comprehensive technical manual.


This book is a great resource and a sound place to start for anyone considering a career transition whether it is their first job post graduation from university or a change of employers, positions or career direction.


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