Pattie Dunn – An Obituary

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Pattie Dunn died on December 4, at her home in California. I did not know her. However, when she died her death was covered in many papers and I found her obituary fascinating reading. It tells the story of a woman who had many of the qualities we all aspire to have, achieved much in a very short life, faced challenges greater in number and severity than many of us will ever know and dealt with each of them in ways which demonstrate character and class and so much more.  Her board room struggles as the Non-Executive Chairman of Hewlett-Packard are instructive for any one of us who is sitting on a board or aspires to do so.  And without knowing her or the circumstances, I am inclined to agree with leaders of the corporate governance movement who embraced her as a martyr to standing up for the best practices in corporate governance.  I cannot imagine how difficult facing these challenges would have been for her.


Many of us have participated in the workshop exercise which challenges you to write your own obituary. Few of us would dare to dream this big!!


You can read the long version of the published obituary by following this link


And you can read the story of her life in her own words by following this link  Her story is worth the time.  She sounds like a wonderful woman, one we would all be proud to call our our mentor and role model and be honoured to call our friend.


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