QHow to deal with the old boys’ club Bay Street work environment?

answered September 20th, 2011 by Linda Hohol

In a typical “old [white] boys’ club” Bay St. work environment, what advice do you have for young, visible-minority women who want to be upwardly-mobile but who are always excluded from informally socializing with these men?

Being a visible minority, in addition to being a young woman in this situation, does add additional challenges I am sure. But I do see this as being somewhat the same as if you were a young upwardly mobile white woman. I suggest always being personable and pleasant in the workplace ( yes gritting one’s teeth from time to time is a useful exercise!).That way the men may view you more as someone they may wish to include in their informal gatherings. If there are one or two men in the group who seem approachable, ask them to go for coffee and tactfully seek their advice. They may be flattered that you did seek them out and they may try to find ways to include you. If this doesn’t work you will just have to ignore it. Many women have done very well and gone on to attain executive positions with little or no social interaction….remember it’s your performance AT work that’s important .




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