QHow to deal with the old boys’ club Bay Street work environment?

answered September 13th, 2011 by Tamara Lawson

“In a typical “old [white] boys’ club” Bay Street work environment, what advice do you have for young, visible-minority women who want to be upwardly-mobile but who are always excluded from informally socializing with these men?


My advice would be to (1) focus on job performance and being the best you can be on the job, (2) develop strong working relationships with all of your colleagues, (3) take the initiative to socialize with male colleagues and don’t wait for them to invite you for lunch or drinks after work and (4) develop as broad a network as possible both inside and outside your organization.  There are more and more women and other visible-minorities in senior positions.   You should also seek out and develop relationships with men that are more open-minded and supportive of women.





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