What I Learned On My Summer Vacation. Final Installment

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This summer I am spending almost two full months at our cottage in Muskoka and for most of the month of July it was my beloved and I on our own. This was a first for me and for us. During July, I posted weekly about what I am learning from this new adventure. For the month of August, I have decided to give myself the gift of a true vacation, time off from almost all of my obligations, so this is my final installment.  And today I am going to write about my intentions for the next month rather than tell you about my experiences from the past week.


  1. I intend to continue to go to yoga every day it is available here. It has been a wonderful part of my summer experience to date, a real surprise and delight and I want more of it!!
  2. I intend to take my dogs swimming every day and witness their sheer joy in the experience and I will join them when my overprotective sheep dog allows it!!
  3. I will continue to play golf several times a week with my beloved and our friends even though it is the most frustrating game ever invented by man!! And I will live in hope that the lessons I have been given by the great Sandra Post will somehow sink in and my game will improve!!
  4. I will relish the time we have at our cottage with our children!! And I will eventually beat them at euchre… without cheating!!
  5. I will give myself the gift of days spent reading. This was an old pleasure which I revived during July and I intend to continue for the rest of the summer and well beyond!!
  6. I intend to garden like a mad woman!!  I am determined to mulch every inch of our property… unless I don’t!! The results of my efforts to date have been amazing and it feels wonderful to wander around and see what I have created with some assistance from my beloved and mother nature herself!!
  7. I am looking forward to our friends coming to visit. I intend to experience the sheer joy of spending time with them, no matter what we decide (or the weather permits us) to do!!
  8. I am hosting a friend to my first “Member Guest” day at our golf course. I am very nervous and I intend to have FUN anyways!!
  9. I intend to cherish this gift I am giving to myself!! To stay present!! To feel the delight of it!!
  10. I intend to post again some time after Labour Day and I will have some wonderful new stories to tell about some fabulous Babes!

I wish you the very best over the course of the next few weeks!! Enjoy the time with your family, your friends and your self!!






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