What I Learned On My Summer Vacation. Part 3

posted July 21st, 2011 by Janet Graham - One Comment

This summer I am spending almost two full months at our cottage in Muskoka and for most of the month of July it will be my beloved and I on our own. This is a first for me and for us. I thought I would post weekly about what I am learning from this new adventure. This is my third post.


  1. I bought fresh organic produce from the vendor outside our local butcher and was reminded how hard some people must work to earn a very basic living.
  2. I read a Harlequin Romance for the first time in years. And I thoroughly enjoyed it!! This was a secret passion of mine years ago; one I shared with a friend from business school. She confessed her addiction to me and I admitted I loved them too!! I rarely purchased them and she bought one a day for the subway ride home, so we used to meet in the TD Bank concourse and she would pass me a shopping bag full of them from time to time. Reading this one was a sweet reminder of a past pleasure.
  3. I bought People and Hello Canada magazines because the lovely Kate was on the cover. And I told myself this reading material was for my beloved. What is happening to me? See item # 2 above.
  4. I went grocery shopping in town after yoga in my yoga clothes and ran into a very elegant woman from my class who wasn’t wearing hers… in fact, she looked spectacular!! Damn, I hate when this happens and I never learn when it does!!!
  5. I desperately searched for Season 2 of the Good Wife; we need a fix!! And I cannot find it. In the meantime, we are watching the final two seasons of West Wing, what a fabulous series! Great writing, great cast and so applicable to what is happening in the US and the world today.
  6. I took instruction from my beloved when he sat back and listened to his Elvis play list and did nothing else… what a concept!! This is more of the doing versus being challenge!!
  7. I shot a totally honest 113 playing golf. This is my all time low score. (A sad admission after years of playing golf… not regularly and obviously not enough!!)My summer goal is to shoot 110 or lower consistently.
  8. I entertained my oldest friend and her mother to our cottage; it was great to be in their presence and be reminded of some of the wonderful things about my childhood!!
  9. I went skinny dipping with my friend and we giggled like kids!! It reminded me of the time we camped out together in a pup tent in our back yard and got up in the middle of the night and road our bikes around town!! Sweet!!
  10. I was sadly reminded to be grateful for every moment we have with those we love in our lives!!


I hope you are enjoying your summer as much as me!! I would love to hear about what you are doing and would be delighted to have you share it in the Comments section below.


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Comment from Jacqui
Time July 21, 2011 at 1:13 pm

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