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I read an interview with Bette Midler in the January issue of HELLO! Canada magazine (which proves once again that we can find inspiration in the strangest places!!). Her answers to several of the questions really resonated with me and I wanted to share them with you!! Here goes:


What are you most proud of in your life?


Two things: I ‘m very proud of my daughter. I raised a bright, engaged, sensible, kind human being….


You had Sophie when you were 40. Do you have things in common?


We like a lot of the same stuff and I really make her laugh. She’s completely tuned in to my sense of humour and she thinks I’m hilarious.


You said there were two things that you were proud of?


I’m also very proud of the New York Restoration Project, proud of the fact that I’ve saved 55 community gardens and I’m on my way to saving many more. And that I’ve built parks and provided children with environmental education. I’m proud of the fact that I’ve received recognition for it. You receive all these awards, but you’re never really sure if it was political or if you really earned it. But this I know I earned because I’m at the forefront of this organization, and this particular parks and gardens movement is in my town, New York.


This resonated with me because Bette Midler, the ‘Divine Miss M’, who I have adored for many years,  is 65 years old and has had a fabulous musical career and she didn’t mention it when asked what she is most proud of in her life. She mentioned her daughter Sophie (named after the great Sophie Tucker) and  community service.


I thought this might be instructive to all those mid life women who find themselves struggling to discover what’s next for them? How they can make a worthy contribution to the world?


I found her words might be inspiring!! And I hope you do too!! Regardless,  I urge you to watch the YouTube below of her singing The Rose,  a song which is right up there with Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah in my books!!  Listen carefully, these words inspired me to take a risk I had long avoided several years ago. Enjoy!!













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