Advice. How To Climb The Ladder

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This is another piece of advice from the series “Advice:How to Climb the Ladder” which was written by Janet McFarland as part of the October 2010 series by the Globe and Mail which comprised a number of articles about Women in Power. The component written by Ms McFarland comprised advice from a number of senior Canadian women which I thought was excellent.


The following is from Laura Formusa, CEO of Hydro One Inc.


“Two things I have always said: hard work, and be yourself. You can’t compromise on either one of those things. And I know ‘be yourself’ sounds like a really soft thing. But it is not. You can tell a fake a mile away. There’s something about authenticity. Don’t change yourself to suit other people. It’s your personality, it’s your values. You have to be true to them.”


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