QWork Life Balance

answered March 29th, 2011 by Linda Hohol

What are your strategies for dealing with lack of time?


I have an office set up at home and when I have even a few minutes I will get something on my list done. I keep a list and a diary system of outstanding personal and business items/issues so that nothing slips through the cracks…it may not get done on time but it doesn’t get missed. I find staying organized this way helps me manage the shortage of time.


What doesn’t work or is difficult for you to do?


I find tough discussions/performance reviews where criticism or disagreement is required difficult to do. I procrastinate. But I have found preparing in advance, almost scripting the conversation, helps me. There is nothing worse than going into one of these sessions unprepared!


What are your most profound conflicts in terms of work-life balance?


I have always tended to put myself, and on occasion, my friends at the bottom of the priority list. Finding time to exercise, read for pleasure, visit with my friends etc has always been my biggest challenge. For some reason, me/they are easier to ignore in the competition for my time. I am getting better. As I have gotten older, I have realized the importance of my own health and friendships.



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