How to spring clean your mind

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Hadley Dyer wrote a column in today’s Globe with the title “How to spring clean your mind“.  I think it’s the perfect article for the first day of spring and the perfect time for a little personal reflection.


In a section of the article entitled “Assess Your Life” Hadley quotes, motivational speaker Steve Siebold who says: “This is a time of year when people tap into their emotions and take stock of where they are. You can set some new goals, but first, on a scale of one to seven – seven being best – ask yourself the big questions. Am I happy? Am I fulfilled? Am I doing what I want to do? Am I having fun?


Hadley says Seibold offers mental toughness workshops at which he “asks attendees to write a letter to a friend dated five years in the future, recapping all of the accomplishments they hope to have achieved by then.”


Seibold says: “People have to learn how to suspend their fears in order to dream big.  He says people will say ‘But I don’t know how to do these things, become these things, achieve these things’. But the how-to part is actually the easiest. The dream process is more difficult, emotional. The how-to process is logic based.”


These words really resonated with me.  They reflect what I have coached many clients to do and have sometimes failed or forgotten to do myself. And they have motivated me to think about the contents of such a letter, although I will confess I may not go so far as mailing it.  I challenge you to do the same thing!!


In the event you find your motivation for doing this exercise lagging, the words of a final caveat at the bottom of the article might help:


*And don’t do this: Procrastinate. Guilt disappointment and shame will multiply faster than dust bunnies.”


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