Advice: How to Climb the Ladder

posted January 27th, 2011 by Janet Graham - Leave a Comment

In October 2010, the Globe and Mail ran a series of articles about Women in Power. One of my favourite parts of this series “Advice: How to Climb the Ladder” was written by Janet McFarland. It comprised advice from a number of senior Canadian women which I thought was excellent. 


In my experience, this type of wise advice is difficult to access in one place at one time, so I have been saving this piece and wondering what to do with it and I have finally decided I will simply share the wisdom offered by each of these very generous women in a number of posts until I have posted every bit of it. The following is from Phyllis Yaffe, Retired CEO Alliance Atlantis Communications Inc.


“It is important not to lose sight of how hard a struggle it has been to get here. I’m always amazed when young women take for granted where we are today. …We have just gone a little way along the road, and they can’t take it for granted because otherwise we will go backward.” 


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