Kevin. Accomplishments, Success and Significance

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I asked Kevin about her proudest accomplishments at work. She said: “Oh wow.  Well right now supporting the Artistic Director in an extraordinary artistic vision and having a great relationship with her. We are co-CEO’s.  That’s supposed to be a model that never works and it is working really, really well. I think that we are going to be able to take this company… we are already taking this company, to a whole new level of quality, artistic excellence and financial stability  I think that’s just going to grow in the future, so I’m very excited about that and proud of it.”


I asked Kevin what she considered to be her greatest challenge at work. She said: “Oh boy, dealing with a Board of Directors.  No, being more serious, I think there are a lot of competing interests in the arts, more than I could ever have dreamt when I was in the business world.  Everybody thinks that they own you. You have wonderful hard working dedicated volunteers but volunteers who therefore have a huge sense of ownership. I think, keeping everybody working towards a common goal. Keeping a very talented team of people who are underpaid and overworked motivated, keeping the Board in the right relationship to you so that they’re fully engaged but not trying to run the company for you.  Those are challenges that I think I’m managing more or less successfully.”


I asked Kevin what she considered to be her work of greatest significance and she responded: “Just keeping this company on an even keel and supporting its artistic vision.  An arts organization is always teetering on the edge of disaster.”


My final question to Kevin was “What’s next for you?” She said: “A few more years here and then I think I’m probably going to retire.”


What Strikes Me?


Does the Co-CEO model work because it is being undertaken by two women?


to the challenge of motivating talented people who are overworked and underpaid


There are a lot of competing interests in the arts


The challenge of “managing” volunteers


The difficulty of keeping an arts organization operating on an even keel


What Strikes You?


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