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In your own life, what extraordinary thing will you create that’s irrepressibly, inimitably, audaciously you?


This is the final question (and final post) of the year.


I found it at the end of an article titled “Creativity, childbirth, and falling in love” written by Sally Hogshead on December 15 on her blog, “Hog Blog”.  You can find it by following this link


It is a question I will ponder for the next couple of weeks in anticipation of the New Year. I would love you to do the same and share your answers to the question in the Comments section below or in the Forums in the Ask Yourself section. 


This particular question caught my eye because it reflects the many conversations I have had recently with women who are contemplating “What’s Next?” for themselves. Each of them is looking for something more in their lives and wanting to make a difference in the world, to have an impact, to be more fulfilled.


It was in this vein that I read an article about Diane Von Furstenberg in the Sunday New York Times yesterday and these particular words of hers caught my eye: “I woke up in January of this year and my New Year’s resolution was to get known in China.”


Diane Von Furstenberg was born on December 31, 1946 which means she will be 64 on her birthday in just over a week and a year ago she made a resolution of this nature. I was inspired by how I expect she would have answered the question above if she had been asked on the day after her 63rd birthday and by what the article suggested she has and will accomplish as a result of it.


My fondest wish is you (and I) will be inspired by something which is equally compelling to create something irrespressibly, inimitably, audaciously you (and me)?


Finally, I wish to express my deepest gratitude to all of those who have supported me throughout the year in facing life’s challenges and celebrating life’s most joyous moments!! I am deeply grateful and looking forward to some loving time with my family and closest friends over the next several weeks!!


I wish you and your family and friends the very best for the holidays and the New Year!!





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