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In the August issue of Flare magazine, Yuki Hayashi came up with 10 Rules for holding on to success achieved at a young age. I thought they were worth repeating, in case you missed the article because these 10 Rules have application regardless of your age.


Rule # 1.  Lay the groundwork. She says: “Nobody actually comes out of nowhere and takes his or her industry by storm. They work unseen and unsung, building skills, contacts and experience, until the day they’re ready to, you know, come out of nowhere and take the industry by storm.”


Rule #2. Don’t take criticism personally. She says: “Use criticism to build your career, not undermine your self-esteem” and quotes Jean Twenge, author of Generation Me and The Narcissism Epidemic who believes that while your parents and old soccer coach may have feted you for just being you, your colleagues and boss expect a bit more. Twenge says: “Work really hard and try not to think of yourself as special. You need a realistic assessment of your strengths and weaknesses for ongoing success.”


Rule #3. Be hands-on. She says: “Build up your credentials so that even if people are surprised by your youth or any lucky breaks, they can’t dispute your capabilities.”


Rule # 4. Diversify. She says. “Keep the challenges coming, even if you love your main gig.”


Rule # 5. Chart your own success. She says: “Millennials define success differently than the status-driven cultural norm.” They “prioritize their future marriage, parenthood and helping others over having a high-paying career.”


Rule # 6. Take care of yourself.


Rule # 7. Be positive.


Rule # 8. Bounce back. She says: “Long-term success is as much about riding out lows as capitalizing on highs.”


Rule # 9. Cultivate a support network. She says: “Your inner circle of friends keeps you grounded. Every highflier needs peeps who don’t have a vested interest in her being the flavour of the month.”


Rule # 10. Follow your passion.


What do you think of these 10 Rules? I would love you to share your comments in the Comments section below.

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