Gift of Summer

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The first six months of this year were particularly challenging for me and I have decided to give myself the “Gift of Summer” to recharge my batteries and experience some of life’s simple (and sometimes guilty) pleasures. In terms of my blog, my posts will be less about telling stories (although I may tell a few) and more about sharing with you the ways in which I am amusing myself over the summer and the insights I gain by simply “being present”.  In the fall, I will resume telling the stories of the wonderful “Babes On Bay Street”. 


In terms of sharing the ways in which I have been amusing myself, I have been devouring the Millennium trilogy by Steig Larsson. Judith Timson, one of my favourite writers in the Globe talks about the trilogy in her column today.  I couldn’t  possibly do it the same justice, so I will not try.  These books have sustained me over the last weeks of June and in my mind, they are perfect summer reading!!


I wish you the very best summer has to offer!! And I encourage you to share the ways in which you amuse yourself and any insights you gain along the way!!


With deep gratitude and my very best wishes!!  J

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