Career Advice for College Graduates

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In the Sunday New York Times on May 16, Steve Hannah, Chief Executive Officer of The Onion was interviewed for the Corner Office segment in the Business section. He was asked the following question: “What is your career advice to somebody just graduating from college?”


He answered:”Find what you really love to do and then go after it – relentlessly. And don’t fret about the money. Because what you love to do is quite likely what you’re good at. And what you’re good at will likely bring you financial reward eventually.


I’ve seen too many people who have plotted a career, and often what’s at the heart of all that plotting is nothing other than a stack of bills. You need to be happy in order to be good, and you need to be good to succeed. And when you suceed, there’s a good chance you’ll get paid.


While you’re at it, read. A lot. Start with Plato. He was a very practical man.”


I thought this was great advice. Please share it with the college graduates in your life.  Your comments and their comments are most welcome. Please add them below.

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